About Darshan Solar

DARSHAN SOLAR, an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company was founded in the year 2021 by a team of aspiring entrepreneurs, who identified the large potential for service-related enterprise, catering to both the unmet energy demands of the rural hinterland & facilitate the energy-based transition of the urban landscape of India. We are based out of Siliguri, West Bengal and offer our services across West Bengal & North East States.

We are a service-oriented company specializing in renewable energy solutions. With expertise in providing comprehensive turnkey solutions, we cater to all your clean energy needs. Our offerings encompass a diverse range of customized solar energy initiatives, spanning from KW to MW scale. Our goal is to facilitate sustainable and inclusive development for our clients. Through a customer-centric approach, we advocate for the productive utilization of green energy, viewing it not just as a fuel source but also as a means for generating livelihoods.

Our objective is to act as a catalyst in commercializing viable and desirable renewable energy solutions for rural and urban communities and enterprises, both on-the-ground and on rooftops. We aim to set benchmarks through technology, innovation, and precision while promoting the productive utilization of energy, viewing it not only as a fuel but also as a means for livelihood generation. While customers may not always be right, they are our absolute first priority. We prioritize resilience and reliability over profitability.

We are the sole distributor of India’s largest Solar PV Module manufacturing company
Vikram Solar for North Bengal & Sikkim

Our mission

Empower human lives with affordable &
reliable Renewable Energy Solutions.

Our vision

To be the leading force in revolutionizing energy consumption
through innovative solar solutions, shaping a sustainable tomorrow for
generations to come.